Honors Credit and College Courses


Honors Credit and College courses in various subject areas are significantly more challenging and therefore, require greater time and effort to meet course demands, including homework. As a result, these courses are weighted differently. Honors courses receive weighting of 1.03, and College courses receive weighting of 1.06.


Adelphi University offers College Accounting, College Business Law, and College Business Management at a reduced tuition rate of $300 per course, which is one semester in length. The curriculum for all college level courses was developed in conjunction with Adelphi University. All course work is completed at Garden City High School. Students can earn 3 college credits for semester (1/2 year) courses (College Business Law, College Business Management) and 6 credits for full year courses (College Accounting).


A student may elect to receive honors credit for any course which is not on the College level. To receive honors credit, the student must complete specified assignments during each quarter of the semester. No grade will be given. Students will be granted either Honors credit or no Honors credit at the end of the semester.