I will be using Remind 101 to communicate with students. Any information that is shared using this service will also be posted on the bulletin board outside room M101 and/or shared at Tri-M meetings.

To all 10th, 11th, or 12th grade music students:

The process of assessing students for membership for the Tri-M Music Honor Society has started. If you wish to ensure that you are considered for membership, please submit a letter with a brief resumé of your musical activities. The letter should be given to Mr. Mayo by 3:00pm on Wednesday, November 27th. It may also be emailed to him at

In order to be considered, nominees should be leaders within their school ensemble, have a commitment to music beyond the classroom, and possess exception character.

After consulting with the music faculty and Tri-M Executive Board, a confidential list of nominees will be sent to the entire school faculty for their input. Final decisions about membership will be made by the middle of December. A detailed explanation of the Tri-M Honor Society nominating procedure can be found below.



Stephen Mayo