Mrs. Giannotta
Course: Reading For Meaning located in Room 118


Welcome to Reading!

"The doors of wisdom are never shut." Benjamin Franklin

Extra help is available every day after school. 
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Supply List for Reading Class
All supplies are due in class the week of September 9th.
             1. One HARD-COVERED notebook any color you wish.
2. Two pens either BLUE or BLACK ink ONLY.
      3. One plastic coated folder with two bottom pocket
4.Two highlighters any colors you wish.

Class Expectations
 Students are to be seated when the bell rings.
Students are to raise their hand if they wish to answer or ask a question.
Students are to respect the possessions and space of others.
Students will be dismissed by the teacher, not the bell.

Reading For Meaning

This course provides an opportunity for all students to grow academically. To obtain the maximum benefits that this class offers, all students are expected to make a commitment to seek their personal best. A full commitment to this class means being engaged during class (listening, participating, questioning, etc.), as well as, respecting the opinions of others. The most important element of your commitment lies in your desire to learn something new, to become a deeper thinker and a more sophisticated learner.