Mental Health


 For general information, latest research articles, information to the public, treatments, symptoms, disorders and various resources and links about mental health issues, click onto one of the following hyperlinks:


National Institute of Mental Health

Information on anxiety, depression, eating disorders, panic attacks, social phobias, suicide, information for the public, news, events and research articles.



Treatment, medications, symptoms, disorders, general information, links, resources, research on a variety of mental health topics. (Depression, Anxiety, ADD/ADHD, Autism)


North Shore Child and Family Guidance Center:

Includes services such as “The Single Parent Action Network” to help parents cope with crises of separation, divorce or widowhood.  Address depression, anxiety, alcohol/substance abuse, teenage pregnancy, learning disabilities, suicide attempts/threats, dealing with grief, trauma, crisis and loss, etc.  Provides therapy, behavior management programs, evaluations, testing/assessments, medication management, case management, advocacy services and much more.


Anger management

 Need tips or answers on how to control that anger?  The following sites give useful information on what anger is, reasons for anger, how to manage anger.

Mental help:

American Psychological Association



Questions on how to deal with trauma or a crisis?  These informative websites can give you great ideas about interventions to use, training programs, self-help books and statistics.  For Crisis related weblinks click onto a hyperlink below:


MENTAL HELP: Age-specific interventions at home for children in trauma: from preschool to adolescence  simple strategies for families coping with crisis and uncertainty


Committee for Children

Includes programs on violence prevention, bully prevention, child abuse prevention, training and program support, books, statistics and other useful for dealing with bullying or teasing in schools?  This website can give practical tips for dealing with such problems and parents can find help using the parent m

Teasing Victims


Center for Social and Emotional education  Understanding child development, professional organization and links, special education, substance abuse/prevention and violence prevention.


Long Island Crisis

LICC deals with FQA about an array of topics including stress reduction, suicide, eating disorders, substance abuse, depression etc.  There are also hotlines to call for help, support or to answer questions.  Also area for gay, lesbian, bisexual youth on the Pride for Youth


Questions, help and useful information regarding SUICIDE


National Association of School Psychologists

General crisis resources, helping children cope with violence and terror, tips for parents and teachers, teen suicide, vulnerability to violence among gays and lesbian youth, community crisis responses.


American Society for Suicide prevention

This site helps to link resources, education, suicide FAQ, workshop info. and articles.


American Psychological Association

Can help families cope with common problems, healthy relationships, finding help/referrals.




Long Island Crisis Center:  

Includes Pride for Youth which can answer questions and provide support services for GLBT issues, hotlines are available for depression, eating disorders, substance abuse, rape), counseling, stress reductions etc.


Long Island gay and lesbian youth: www.LIGALY.COM


Wellness Health Care Information Resources: Adolescent


Substance Abuse: Questions, Answers, Facts, treatment centers…


Drug abuse and prevention and safe schools:


Center for Substance Abuse Prevention:

Learn facts about drugs/alcohol, HIV/AIDS, risks involved, signs and symptoms of a user, obtain referrals to programs in your community.


SAMHSA’s National Clearinghouse for Alcohol and Drug (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration)


Seafield Services:  Alcohol and Substance Abuse outpatient treatment center with locations throughout Long Island and Brooklyn.  For adults and adolescents, over the age of 16.


The Long Island Home : South Oaks and Broadlawn Manor

These two facilities belong to LIH which is a member of the Long Island Health Network.  Many services include child/adolescent psychiatric services, adult psychiatry and alcoholism and substance abuse to name a few.  Inpatient and outpatient treatment programs available for child and adolescents.




Eating Disorder Referral and Information Center:

Anorexia, bulimia, compulsive overeating, treatment, causes, athletes, males and children with eating disorders.


Long Island Crisis Center:  


National Institute of Mental Health