PE I.S. (For LONG TERM Medical Students only)
PE I.S. (For LONG TERM Medical Students only)

As a member of the PE I.S. program, you are expected to complete PE I.S. projects and assignments each quarter. Your work is expected to reflect a full quarter's worth of Physical Education classes (classes usually meet around 21 times in a quarter for a period of 42 minutes each class).
This is the amount of time and work you should put into your project.

For each quarter you are in the PE I.S. program, you must select one of the assignments from the list to the left, and complete ALL the requirements outlined. You must select a different project for each quarter you are in the program. Try to select a project you are interested in, and remember your completed project should represent a full quarter's worth of physical education classes.
Your work is to be handed in on time. If you have any questions on any of the requirements of the PE I.S. program, please be sure to see me.

Good luck in the program.