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Summer Assignments: Each student anticipating enrollment in the Honors Living Environment, AP Biology, AP Chemistry, AP Environmental Science and AP Physics next year and incoming Juniors and Seniors enrolling in Science Research are required to complete a summer assignment that will account for 5% of the first quarter grade. The assignment will be due on September 12, 2014. The assignments are posted on the following webpage:

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New York State laboratory requirement for admission to
a Regents examination in science 

For admission to a Regents examination in science each student must complete the State- mandated 1200 minutes of hands-on laboratory with satisfactory laboratory reports. The laboratory component must be provided in addition to the required classroom instruction associated with earning a unit of credit. Laboratory reports must be kept on file for at least six months after the student takes a Regents examination in science.

Garden City High School Science Courses

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                   Regents and Honors Courses:

                Earth Science Regents 
                Living Environment Regents
                    Living Environment Honors

                      Living Environment Honors and Subject SAT II Biology test

                    Chemistry Regents
                    Chemistry Honors
Physics Regents
                    Physics Honors

  Ten Reasons Why No Student 
  Should Go 
Through High School 
  Without Taking Physics

 Importance of physics for advanced science studies
            Advanced Placement Science Courses:

Importance of Taking AP Science Courses

                    AP Biology
                                                                    Why take AP Bio?                                    
AP Chemistry
                    AP Physics
                    AP Environmental Science


                    Conceptual Chemistry
                    Environmental Science: Current Issues
                    Environmental Science: Human Impact
                    Forensic Science

                Science Research Program:

Science Research Foundations Honors
                   Science Research Honors
                   Intermediate Science Research
                   Advanced Science Research

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