AP Physics


Students electing these courses are strongly encouraged to have completed the sequence of Earth Science, Living Environment, Chemistry, and Physics. These advanced courses offer mature, in-depth handling of scientific principles involved. They are structured to parallel and satisfy the objectives of college-level courses. Each course has five classes and two laboratory sessions per week. A mandatory summer assignment is required for all students entering advanced placement science classes. Students taking these courses should have demonstrated high achievement and proven success in a challenging environment.

AP PHYSICS – C – 4720 Full year - 1 credit

Grade 12

Prerequisite: Honors Policy Applies

AP Physics is comparable to a freshman level college Physics course. It is actually 2 separate courses with the first semester being the study of Mechanics and the second semester involving the study of Electricity & Magnetism. Students must register for the two separate AP exams at the conclusion of the course. This course is offered as a continuation of the students’ science education following Earth Science, Living Environment, Chemistry, and first-year Physics course.

The course is designed to promote the scientific and athematical reasoning skills required to solve higherlevel problems within the multitude of physical circumstances. The students will develop an understanding of the connections between Physics (and science, in general) to our everyday world and recognize the importance of being critical thinkers in this context.

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