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 Regents Earth Science Periods 1(A/B-Day) and 2 (A-Day)
AP Environmental Science Periods 3 (B-Day) and 4 (A/B-Day)
AP Environmental Science Periods  8 (A-Day) and 9 (A/B-Day)

APES Extra Help Thursday Mornings @ 7:15 am,
Earth Science Extra Help Friday @ 7:15 am 

APES Summer Assignment 2014/2015
Summer Assignment
Part 1 - Email me
Part 2 - "Home"
Home Doc Link
Part 3 - Environmental Laws
Environmental Law Assignment

Part 4 - Tragedy of the Commons
Article Link
Part 5 - Current Topics

If you have any questions email me at any time.

Students - For homework and other information log in to your Edmodo account. 
Parents - If you don't have an Edmodo account yet email me for your code and log in instructions. 
All Screencast Lectures for Earth Science can be found here at the link below
Science Monkey

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