Ms. Sckalor

Ms. Sckalor

 Regents Chemistry Grading Policy
Tests and Quizzes: 85%
Labs: 10%
Homework: 5%
Textbook ISBN#: 0-618-13496-4
Link to course outline:

 Honors Chemistry Grading Policy
Tests: 60%
Quizzes: 15%
Labs: 20%
Homework: 5%
Textbook ISBN#: 0-618-30499-1
Link to course outline:

Forensic Science- Spring 2014

Extra Help: Tuesdays after school
Room 201

    Phone: 516-478-2502

Remind 101 is a text message service that will be used throughout the year. It's purpose is to remind students about assignments, tests, labs, etc.  All announcements are made beforehand in class; therefore, signing up for Remind 101 is not a requirement for students. 

Students and parents can learn about Remind 101

The codes for my classes are as follows:
Period 2/3: Text @msscka to 1-267-915-2013
iod 3/4: Text @mssckalor to1-267-915-2013
Period 7/8: Text @b3544 to 1-267-915-2013