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The Andy Club


The Andy Club's motto is "By Kids For Kids". We participate in different activities that bring awareness and fundsto underprivileged children. We have bake sales, a Halloween Party and a Spring Carnival. All funds are donated to an organization of the club’s choice.






Meets Wednesdays after school in room 164.

Asian Club


The Asian Club is dedicated to promoting awareness of Asian culture and celebrating its uniqueness.

Nancy Fleming

Meets Wednesdays after school in room 129. Listen for announcements.


BAA- (Boys’ Athletic Association). Every male athlete is automatically a member of the Boys’ Athletic Association. The Officers and Grade Reps are responsible for the distribution of pins, letters, and certificates at the end of each season as well as keeping track of all points earned for participation andachievement of all athletes. The last responsibility is the planning and coordinating of the Senior Awards Dinner at the end of the year.


David Izzo



Location is room 172 or upstairs by the athletic office. Days vary depending on season and availability.

Best Buddies


Best Buddies creates opportunities for

one-to-one friendships with people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. It also serves as a Leadership Development program for volunteers.



Tammy Kear



Meets Thursdays in room 124 from 2:50 - 3:45

Chess Club

Playing and competing in chess.

Claire Ellerman

Meets Thursdays after school in room 166

Class of 2017


Participation in all aspects of student government. Represents the freshmen class for student government activities and decisions.


Allison Moss

Day will be announced to participants.

Class of 2016


Participation in all aspects of student government. Represents the Sophomore class for student government activities and decisions.

Amy Rigley

Meets 7 AM in room 162, dates vary.

Class of 2015


Participation in all aspects of student government. Represents the Junior class for student government activities and decision. .


Katherine Squires & Cynthia Tanzosh

Times & days vary,

location is room 126

Class of 2014


Participation in all aspects of student government. Represents the Senior class for student government activities and decision. .


Brian McDonald

Meets the 1st Tuesday of every month at 7:15 AM

in room 212- but this may vary.

Computer Club

Shows students how to build/repair/update computers. We They also learn computer cooling techniques / Windows 8 beta testing. They send recommendations to Microsoft. Use of linix. Overclocking and looking at the internal structure of the computer parts. All the skills they learn they can use at home as well.


Meets biweekly,

Cyberbullying Prevention Committee

This Program focuses upon HS students educating their fellow peers on being an up stander in the face of bullying.

Lori Kuster

Natasha Khan

Meets Weds after school in room 130




High School Paper

There are 3 publications per school year.

Samara Skolnik

LocationforECHO meetings is room 187. All meetings begin right after school. Full staff meetings are usually on Fridays at the beginning of each issue. Editors will meet more often as needed.


Environthon Team

The Environthon Team prepares for an Environmental Competition in April. There are subject questions and an oral presentation on the current issue topic.



Kathleen Dubuke


Meets in room 201 and days vary, but usually Fridays

Fashion Club

The Fashion Club participates in several activities to promote fashion throughout the year. Including the Bloomingdale’s Prom event, participating in Nassau Community College’s Prom Boutique, making jewelry and other crafts for charity on a weekly basis, and contributing to the Coats for Kids drive.



Erin McKinstry



Meets Wednesdays after school at 2:45 in room 169.


Future Business Leaders of America. Participates in business competitions, takes part in marketing, management, finance, and community service opportunities.

Erin McKinstry



Meets Mondays after school at 2:45 pm in room 169.

French Honor Society



The goals of the French Honor Society are to stimulate interest in the study of French, to reward high scholastic achievement and to create enthusiasm for an understanding of French culture and civilization.

Gabriela McCawley


Meets after school at 2:50pm in room 112.

Days may vary



GAA (Girls’ Athletic Association). Every female athlete is automatically a member of the Girls’ Athletic Association. The Officers and Grade Reps organize and distribute certificates, pins, and letters to all JV and Varsity team members each season. They record accumulated points by every student-athlete, and organize all aspects of the annual senior awards banquet.


Brian McDonald


Location and dates vary,

check with

Mr. McDonald

Gay Straight Alliance Club

To offer a support group to teens and educate students to create a school environment free of homophobia.

Jim Dunleavy

Meets Thursdays in room 187

German Club

A club for German and non-German speaking students to increase awareness of German culture. We take trips to experience German cultural events, such as: Plattdeutsch Park's Ompahfest, the Goethe Institute forGerman Cultural Awareness & Heidelberg Restaurant.


Kathryn Ventuleth


Meets Thursday mornings in room 139.

German Language Honor Society

The German Language Honor Society is a cultural and community service oriented association. The Garden City chapter, Beta Lamda, runs under the by-laws of the national organization, Delta Epsilon Phi. Students meeting criteria for induction into the society may apply for membership in the spring (see world language website for details). Cultural and community service events in which the members participate range from Walkathons, fund-raising for numerous local charitable organizations, participating the AATG-Long Island’s annual Sprachfest and networking with local German-American philanthropic organizations.



Susan Weber



Meets Tuesday or Thursday after school in room 110.

Greek Club

The Greek club spreads Greek culture. It teaches and expands other student’s knowledge and helps organizations that help the Greek Community.

Onassis Foundation promotes Greek culture through Art Exhibitions. Plant your roots in Greece to help reforest Greece due to devastating forest and mountain fires. There will be bake sales and member dues.

Stratis and Rebolini

Will meet monthly

Date & location TBA

Heart 2 Heart

Heart 2 Heart Club raises money for and volunteers time at Madonna Heights. Activities include a holiday party.


Samara Skolnik &

Amy Regis

Meets in room 128 on alternating Thursdays.




Helping Our Planet Earth

Students have initiated recycling programs throughout the school and participate in beach cleanups. Members also conduct teach-ins throughout the district to raise environmental awareness among students. Members attend lectures and activities including kayaking and hiking.


Rob Wiedenhoft



Meets Wednesdays after school in room 142



Literary Magazine, Inkspots is a group of student writers who meet weekly to create and share new pieces in small creative writing sessions. During the spring semester, students edit and compile submissions such as poetry, short fiction and non-fiction together with artwork and photos to produce the school literary magazine.


Margaux Calemmo

Catherine Oriani

Lois Kuster


Inkspots meets Tuesdays after school in the Library and on other days occasionally as agreed upon




It’s Academic


Quiz Team,

LI. Challenge





It's Academic is the high school'strivia team. The team has been featured on Cablevision's The “Challenge” program. The team also helps organize

theAnnual Intramural Quiz Bowl Tournament, a very popular event in which student/teacher teamscompete against one another for the coveted title of Quiz Bowl Champion. Tryouts for It's Academic usually take place early in September and is open to students of all grades.


Kevin O’Hagan







It’s Academic is only active in January and February 2012. When they play their matches, they will meet in the Social Studies wing.




Italian Club

The Italian Club engages in cultural activities and gives a big party La Festa della Primavera at the end of the year.


Lea Brunetti

Meets Tuesdays after school in room 106

Italian National Honor Society

The Italian Honor Society provides tutors in Italian, allows students to participate in tests and contests, and organize academic programs.


Lea Brunetti


Thursdays after school

in room 106





International Thespian (Theatre) Honor Society Troupe #7135. ITS is the name of our school’s chapter of the International Thespian Society, a national honor society for students of Theater. Check the website for inductions requirements ifyou want to get involved. Their website is


Angela McLaughlin


ITS meets once a month, on Tuesdays after school as needed. Location is the Little Theater-room 151




The Key /Interact Club is dedicated to community service. We work in conjunction with the local branch of the Kiwanis Club of Garden City and the Mineola-Garden City Rotary Club.This group undertakes many fundraising events to benefits Kamp Kiwanis, the Gift of Life, American Cancer Society, March of Dimes, Mary Brennan Inn, UNICEF and many other organizations. In the spring the Rotary and Kiwanis sponsor leadership conferences.


Joanne Meyer-Jendras



Meet Mondays at 2:45 pm in room 128.

Latin Club



Latin Club welcomes students of Latin for a variety of activities focusing on Roman civilization and literature, including attending plays in the city of classical interest, enjoying our annual December Saturnalia or Roman Banquet, watching films with classical themes and critiquing them. Community donations are made to the U.S. Marine Corps annual Toys for Tots campaign, domestic shelters for women, and other charities chosen by the club members.



Linda Fabrizio



Days vary but always meets in room 161 after school.

Latin Honor Society


Latin National Honor Society participants gather to explore the rich cultural and linguistic heritage of Ancient Rome.


Linda Fabrizio


Meets in room 161, days vary

Literary Circle


Discusses literature and sponsors four (4) poetry readings a year.

Carlo Rebolini

Meets Friday after school in room 132.




School plays:

-Advisor - McLaughlin

-Fall Drama - McLaughlin

-Director Spring – Schalor

-Producer Fall & Spring – Mayo

-Vocal Musical Director - Mayo




Masquers Stage Crew

Building stage sets for Fall & Spring plays.

Mike Stano

Auditorium stage in the Fall and Spring prior to our plays.




MAST publishes the High School's yearbook. The staff is responsible for the theme, layout, text, andphotography selection.The staff must attend a workshop in the summer and apply to be a part of yearbook.


Katherine Squires

Jason Karp


MAST meets Tuesdays and Thursdays in room 158 at 3:00 pm.




Math Team. Students participate in monthly math competitions. Problem solving skills are developed.

Peter Santoro

Mathleteswill meet every Tuesday morning at 7:00 AM in Math wing, room 175. The monthly Competitions will be one Tuesday a permonth at beginning at 2:30 PM.

The Math Team Competitions are as follows:




01/10/2012 (snow date is 01/31/2012)

02/14/2012 (snow date is 02/28/2012)

03/06/2012 (snow date is 03/13/2012)

Miracle Club



The Miracle Club is devoted to raising funds, and to support cancerresearch and patient care.

Nancy Fleming

Meets Thursdays in room 129 or Library, depending upon the topic covered

Movie Madness Film Club

This club will provide an after-school activity for students who may not be athletic, musical or engaged in other arenas. We will view and critique segments of a wide range of films as time permits. Original adaptations or sequels will also be filed and reviewed. $5 dues. Bake or candy sales will be considered for fundraising. A movie night may be proposed.


Nancy Slater

One hour a week


Peer AIDS Education



Peer AIDS is a leadership program in which students apply to and get selected for, and then attend a 14-hour training in HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention at a local hospital. Subsequently, leaders can conduct, participate inand implementschool-based educational activities that spread awareness to the student body.



Lori Kuster






Meets Thursday mornings at 7:00 am in the Library.





Philosophy Club



The group holds readings onselected ideas of one major philosopher per meeting. Theideas are clarified in a seminar setting, as is theirrelevance to contemporary life. The club meets 2x per month in room 130, usually on Thursdays but meetings may be held on other days to accommodate the weekly schedules of its members.

Diane Dolan





Students Against Destructive Decisions.

Students encourage positive attitudes, lifestyles and behavior among their peers.



Lori Kuster




Meets Tuesdays after school at 2:50 pm in room 112

Science Olympiads

The Science Olympiads are team competitions that require knowledge of various science topics and engineering ability. Garden City students compete against other Nassau County schools each Februaryat the regional competition hosted by Kellenburg Memorial High School. Students are expected to build devices and take examsdesigned to reflect different areas of science education.


Kevin DiBitetto



Tuesdays after school

in room 206


Social Studies Club


(Junior State of America, Garden City chapter)

The Social Studies Club seeks to foster debate and discussion on politics, foreign affairs, law and other related fields. It will provide a forum for students to discuss their views and learn about current issues in the US and the world. There will be 3 conventions: Fall, Winter and Spring. They are held in Boston, Washington DC and other North-East cities. Going to the conventions is not required.

Michelle DeCollibus

Will meet biweekly.

See Mrs. DeCollibus for dates and times.

Guitar Club

The club will offer students the opportunity to create songs and to practice forfour upcoming performance events throughout the year.During this time members will analyze songs from famous songwriters, explore different genres of songwriting and use each other to get feedback for their own endeavors. Hopefully, each member will have a body of work by the end of the year for which they will feel a sense of pride and accomplishment



Nathan Guc


Meets Mondays after school in Writing Center

Spanish Club

The Spanish Club explores the culture of the Spanish-speaking world. We sponsor three children from Latin America; therefore, we have many fund-raising activities to support them. Members celebrate the major holidays of the Spanish countries, learn how to dance the popular Latin dances and sample the cuisine of various countries by going to different restaurants in our area. Members also participate in the Homecoming Parade, Making Strides for Breast Cancer Walk and other charitable events.



Nora Artibee



The Spanish Club meets on Mondays after school in Rm. 131.


Spanish National Honor Society

The Spanish National Honor Society is a national organization whose members have maintained a high academic average in Spanish and have demonstrated excellent character and overall achievement. The Society promotes learning and understanding of Spanish-speaking cultures through student involvement in charitable causes and volunteer activities.



Marie Nuzzi


Room 108.

Days may vary.

Stock Market Club

The Stock Market Club participates in Newsday’s Stock Market Game which runs from October to December, and again fromMarch to May each school year.

Eugene Rochler

Location is room 169. Location and time will be announced by Mr. Rochler.


Student Council



Student Council represents the student body and funds many school events such as Pep Rally, Winter Wonderland and Spring Fling.



Getchell Crawford


Tuesday mornings 7 am in room 176



Tri-M is an International Music Honor Society for high school students that recognizes musical achievement, academic excellence and community service.



Robert Ludwig



Day of the week varies. Location is Room 100.


Trojan Club


The Trojan Club sells refreshments at various school events, especially the football games, basketball and lacrosse games

Getchell Crawford


Tuesday mornings 7 am in room 176

United Club

The United Club raises money and awareness for programs focused on aiding people with disabilities. They teach about special needs to make students aware about the struggles of people with disabilities. They reach out to people with disabilities who feel different and try to make it so that they can live in a community where they feel accepted.





Video Gaming Club




Voices 4 Africa


Voices 4 Africa is dedicated to using the power of media to inspire young people to help end the longest running war in Africa. The focus is long-term development, and the monetary support received goes directly to efforts to rebuild schools devastated by war, benefiting over 8,400 Ugandan youth in the areas of water and sanitation, books and equipment, refurbishment of structures, teacher support, and technology and power.


Sandra Cardilicchia


Wednesdays after school in room 131.


World Language Literary Magazine

The World Languages Magazine is composed of different language sections: French, German, Italian, Latin and Spanish. We compile the articles submitted for each section, from the different language teachers and put them together in the magazine. We need editors, artists, writers, etc.


Nora Artibee


The World Languages Magazine meets every other Weds after school in the Library.